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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and it doesn't have anything to do with that massive fire last month that sent plumes of smoke into the air, sickening hundreds. jodi is live where the meeting is about to get under way. tempers are flaring, and this ti time it's over the investigation. >> temperature pes are flaring,s about the fact that it's not about the fire. >> they've now identified a contributing factor that led to last month's massive refinery fire. he said the failed pipe had low silicon content, causing it to corrode at an accelerated rate. >> the section was failed was five feet. we believe that five-feet section was subject to low
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silicon steel. if we had had that knowledge, we would have replaced that pipe. >> it turns out the plant was already the target of a federal criminal probe by the epa before last month's fire. >> it's very serious. >> reporter: the chief investigator with the bay area fire district said his team had a lot of flaring go on unmonitor unmonitored 300 times in a three-year period. >> we discovered 27 violations where we saw activity on flaherty and there was no monitoring on the flow. >> reporter: the agency find chevron $175,000, but now the epa has launched its own federal criminal investigation. >> we know that something went wrong, the refinery did something wrong. whether it rises to the level of criminal, we'll wait and see. >> reporter: the refinery's gm says they're cooperating with the epa but could provide no
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explanation. >> i can't explain. that's part of what the investigation is going to establish with the epa. so that investigation is still ongoing, and until that's worked through, i'd rather not comment. >> and i think the combination of the fire in august and the epa investigation into this flaring issue has really caused public confidence to be at the lowest level i've seen since i've lived here in richmond, and that's not good for the community, it's not good for chevron. >> reporter: and we are back here live where people are gathering for tonight's community meeting. now, inside the auditorium, our representatives from chevron, from the epa, federal investigators are also here. now, we tried to talk to the environmental protection agency to get an idea of what kind of sanctions chevron may face if they are found criminally liable. they would not comment, but legal experts say that chevron could face anywhere from six
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penal -- stiff penalties in the millions of dollars and jail time in the most extreme cases. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, bay area news. three bills all focusing on natural gas pipeline safety were signed into law by governor brown. sam hill, whose district includes san bruno, said these bills have strict requirements on the cpc. they require a gas pipeline safety recommendation which is made by the ntsb which oversees the nation's pipeline infrastructure. another requires them to adopt strict regulation for pipe lane safety, and the third ensures that all executives are paid based on stock price and earnings. new details tonight in the arrest of an elementary school principal. felony drug charges and now something else. the search of 42-year-old eric lewis's san francisco apartment turned up something that parents might find even more disturbing
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than drugs. we're joined from the santa coll clara school where he was a well-liked principal. chris? >> reporter: he was very well liked and very well respected. his scores went up in his tenure here. he has been here seven years. parents still trying to process his arrest on friday. but what they didn't know is when police searched his san francisco apartment, they also found a camera hidden inside a teddy bear. parents had the same question police had, which is, why would he need that? this is not the way families at sant clara montague elementary school think of their principal. they went to court to hear five felony charges against him, sale and distribution of controlled substanc substances, specifically meth, ecstasy and the so-called date rape drug, dhb. he is now on administrative leave from the santa clara montague elementary school, a position he's held for seven
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years. some parents hope they are kind and generous with the charges against him. >> it's kind of disheartening, especially with as influential as he was with the police there, just say no to drugs. it's kind of a mixed message he's sending. it's hard to explain to the kids. >> the staff likes him, the community certainly likes him. they've had great rise in student achievement here, so from all indications he did his job. >> reporter: lewis' school computers were seized as well as hard drives from his home, and according to police reports, surveillance cameras, hidden cameras including one inside a teddy bear. now investigators will search for evidence of crimes he may have committed using those hidden cameras. z >> as for the teddy bear that's kind of shocking. >> while they knew he lived an alternative lifestyle, they don't believe he used drugs at school. his car was parked at odd hours
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at the school while he constantly texted an undercover police officer looking for meth. >> there was communication between the police officer and the defendant that occurred within santa clara county, including the offering to furnish. >> reporter: now, eric lewis' bail has been set at $25,000. if he wants to be sprung from jail, not only does he have to come up with that money, but he also has to prove it did not come from drug sources. meantime, he will be back in court on friday. he is going to be assigned a public defender, and also he has been put on paid administrative leave from his job here at montague elementary school. in santa clara, chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chris. a former crime lab technician accused of stealing drugs on the job is in court in san francisco. he was accused of skimming in
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twine. if convicted, madden could be sentenced up to four years in prison. the allegations, you may remember, led to a huge shabke-p and a closure of the crime lab and it closed hundreds of cases that depended on evidence from the crime lab. police called the violence that have rocked the district this week. there was a town hall meeting today to address the violence which was sparked by an officer-involved shooting thursday. a police officer shot and injured a man who allegedly aimed a gun at that officer. violent demonstrations followed. several police officers were hurt and several buildings vandaliz vandalized. >> our officers didn't sign up to take bottles and hammers from people while they're trying to keep the peace, especially by cowards that would mask themselves up and say if we unmask them, somehow we're depriving them of free speech.
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>> madden said he will continue to make arrests where needed. heyward-bay is expected to make a full recovery. heyward-bay suffered a concussion and neck strain after this vicious helmet to helmet hit by one of the steelers players. over 60,000 fans at the coliseum as the wide receiver laid motionless on the grass. the game was stopped for about 12 minutes, but he gave the crowd a thumbs up while he was carted off the field. they went on to beat the steelers. he was released from the hospital this morning. a bizarre twist of the iphone, and scott budman. scott, strange way to start this week. >> it is, scott. we believe with news from china where the phones are made. a big fight broke out from the chinese company who puts the phone and other devices together. foxcon allegedly shutting down a factory after hundreds were involved in a fight in a campus
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dorm. 40 people were injured. they're investigating what triggered that fight. iphone sales big over the weekend but not as big as some expected. 5 mill dwrion iphones have been sold, so many they had to delay some of the shipments. apple shares down about 1.5% today as sales figures got out. speaking of stock prices, google hit a new record high today, topping $550 a share. the previous high was set back in 2007. rough day for facebook shareholders. after a strong run recently, shares of the company stock fell 9% today after baron's magazine put a $15 a share target on the company. selendra is said to open a facility using federal money. it will be in portland and
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promises to start slow with just 90 employees but similar technology and pr risk involved taking money from the government these days, solar power will likely be in the spotlight for some time. jessica? decision 2012 now. you will be able to register to vote on election day, just not this year. the governor signed into law today a measure that would allow you to register to vote on election day, but the law goes into effect january 1st. however, it won't be fully implemented until 2014 or 2015. that's when the secretary of state will begin operating vote cal. it's a voting database that allows realtime verification of who is registered to vote. california will now join ten other states that already allows some form of election day registration. it's been on oakland mayor's jaquan's to-do list when a design of the controversial i.d.
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card will be shown to the city council. nbc bay area obtained a mock-up of one of those cards today. it features the person's name, address and photograph. it would serve not only as an i.d. but a debit card as well. locals could load up to $3,000 on it and use it at local banks. the identification card has been in the works for about three years. >> i am optimistic it will be before the end of the year that we will see the cards issued. >> reporter: the card will be given to anyone who lives in oakland regardless of his or her immigration status. a man is under arrest after a bizarre plot involving his girlfriend and a nursing home. how you tweet could become part of a hollywood movie. new information about governor schwarzenegger's affair. how he says maria shriver confronted him. good evening. numbers dropping near the bay
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with temperatures in the 60s, and with some of the heat most recently, pollen forecast is down. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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code 3. help is on the way for the beleagured police department. understaffed, officers today welcomed 45 new cadets. damian, morale might be low, but this is a huge boost for the police academy. >> this is the largest addition ever. however, these recruits come at a time when several police officers actively on the force are looking to leave for other cities. >> i sat there in march of 1993. >> reporter: it's sergeant fall cook's job to mold them into cops. these 45 men and women beat out
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roughly 2,000 other applicants who wanted to wear the san jose uniform. chief chris moore has said recruitment is not the problem. it's retention. >> we still won't be back up to authorized strength when they finish and hit the street middle of next year. >> reporter: the chief says the department needs 200 more officers to help keep the city safe. the other problem, moore says, dozens of frustrated officers already on the force are actively looking for work elsewhere, tired of the cut in pay, benefits and the low morale, not to mention even the chief is stepping aside in january. >> you spend a couple years here and you're not making what you could be making elsewhere. you're going to get snapped up and you're going to go someplace else. that's what the concern s. >> reporter: that makes it sergeant cook's problem. his job is to begin that molding process so these 45 men and women make it a career in san jose. >> it's no secret that we're poorly staffed right now and we desperately need more people on our police department and we're really excited to have these new
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people starting that process. >> reporter: the department says it will hide nothing from the recruits. >> they're coming into a department that's going through a difficult time, and i'm sure that will be messaged appropriately to these recruits. >> we've met rather informally a few times, haven't we? >> reporter: it's a class that's eager to wear the uniform, the same uniform many current officers are ready to abandon. and we hear it's up to 100 police officers at the minimum who are actively looking to leave for other cities. the chief here warns it will be another rough couple of years. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. it is disturbing. police say a san jose man tried to poison his 63-year-old girlfriend at a nursing home in san rafael. 67-year-old robert lewis lochbridge was arrested over the weekend. he put chlorine in her water and
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told her it was a vitamin mineral drink that would makes her feel better. he told her to drink four ounces every hour. he is expected to be in court tomorrow. a raging fire has claimed a life. today firefighters found a body in a burning home. it reached the mexican border about 40 minutes east of san diego. it destroyed 20 homes and damaged 10 others. at this point the fire is only 10% contained. crews say the heat and changing winds are making the fight especially difficult. even the experts are surprised. they weren't expecting to see the migrating whales so close to shore. tourists and whale watchers were thrilled today. >> reporter: on a normal day of whale watching, captain joe nazar of san francisco's whale tours trekked some two hours and a couple dozen miles in search
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of whales. but this morning after setting out from san francisco with a boatload of whale watchers, the search came to an early end. >> as soon as i heard, thar she blows from one of the passengers, and i just kind of looked in disbelief. >> just about a quarter mile outside the golden gate bridge -- >> thar she blows, quarter mile, 12:00, thar she blows. >> reporter: the travelers found exactly what they were looking for. known as the potato patch, a group of humpback whales lumbered to the surface, giving a blast of spray as a calling card. >> this is a very amazing experience, not in particular because of the species, it's for the humpback whale. the humpbacks we never see this close. >> reporter: bonnie russo and her husband traveled from florida to see whales, not
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knowing the whales would practically come to them. >> i may not have gotten pictures, but it's in my mind fort rest of my life. >> we imagine they're feeding on fish where there's deeper waters and several currents and channels that converge here. >> reporter: the whales were so close to the bay, even the crew was in awe. >> we get to come out here and see these animals and sometimes it's such a long journey and a beautiful place, but for us to see them right along the bridge is phenomenal. >> reporter: after spotting the whales, they alert the coast guard which issued warnings to vessels in the area. after watching whales for several hours, the tour began the trip back to san francisco which didn't take all that long. >> at vet end, they waved goodbye and we saw the tail spl splip oslip out of the water and that was worth a million dollars.
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>> we have to plan a whale watching trip. the three of us can go. joe, you can tell us when the perfect day is. >> the pressure! a perfect whale watching forecast. we had san jose in the mid-80s, 82 in san jose. let's take a look at some of the currents temperatures, cooler weather across the bay area with a wide mix of 50s and 60s. 73 lavato, 63 in sunnyvale. we're holding back in riverdale. that's some of the warmest places on the map with 70 degrees. what you'll find in san jose is plenty of clear skies on this monday. now we'll take you up into san francisco. the fog is starting to push in and it looks gorgeous for tonight. not a fog-free night for us, but we're still not expecting a widespread event. let's take a look at the marine layer. what we have is cloud cover building offshore, mainly from the clear skies to the south
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bay, and this week we'll have high pressure building offshore. that will do us to the forecast. it will keep us mainly dry as we head to the next 48 hours with above average temperatures and also a few areas of patchy fog. low to mid 70s by the bay, and interior valleys in the mid-80s. we'll have more coming up in your seven-day forecast. raj and jess? >> do you think being in a position of power is more or less stressful? stanford researchers tell us the surprising findings. plus, some breaks help speed up some commutes. a meltdown by a bay area musician. the green day front man decision and how it's impacting fans. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k.,
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fast track to the capital demolished, a story we first told you about last week. governor brown vetoed a bill brought to us today. it would have opened the bay bridge to the aquinas bridge and serve everyone. the governor decided it was more important to encourage people to carpool and that the bill went in the wrong direction. some personal observations from arnold schwarzenegger. his autobiography "total recall" doesn't hit stores until next month, but we're getting a sneak peek tonight. he talks about the boy he fathered with his housekeeper. his wife, maria shriver, booked them a counseling appointment the day after he left the
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governor's office. he thought the meeting was about transitioning from public to a more private life, but instead the therapist asked schwarzenegger if he had fathered the boy. apparently shriver had suspected it for years. schwarzenegger wrote that he apologized and groveled for forgiveness. he said even though she filed for divorce, he thinks they'll get back together someday. the professors found that the sense of having some control with the key factor in lowered stress and that the person with the most control is usually the boss. what the study didn't answer was the proverbial chicken and egg question, whether leadership leads to low stress levels or whether people who are predisposed not to stress out are more likely to be leaders. well, america's current education system is causing new concern tonight about the nation's security in a global economy. at the third annual education nation summit, experts shared
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ideas about how to better educate young people. studies show eighth grade students in the u.s. are not proficient in math, reading and science, and secretary of state condoleezza rice says that gap threatens national security. >> it's the level of writing skills, an likt skills that are coming out of our schools show reason for concern. the idea that you have to be able to write based on text, to write based on fact, to be able to analyze, these are the sorts of skills that even our best students are not acquiring. >> experts also say it's vital that the education system focus on the whole child and not just test scores and teaching to the test. still ahead at 6:00, the meat shortage that farmers say is unavoidable. >> also, the middle east becomes a point of contention on the campaign trail as the white house tries to clarify some comments made by the president.
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airport scan innners coming california. a new study identifies four different types of breast cancer. coming up, i'll show you how this new information can benefit patients.
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researchers have identified four genetically distinct types of breast cancer and doctors are already telling us how we might treat breast cancer des moin moines -- in the future. >> this new information may help doctors offer women more specialized treatments, perhaps bearing some patients from unnecessary surgery or chemo. not all breast cancers are created equal, and now we have more insight into the differences. in a new study published in the journal "nature," researchers identified four genetically distinct types of breast cancer. >> the study is the first
6:30 pm
genetic types of breast cancer which kills 30,000 american women every year. understanding each cancer's genetic weaknesses may help patients receive the drug for her own tumor and avoid the side effects of unnecessary treatments. >> we may be looking at can we do less surgery? can we offer women more targeted therapies that may require less additional chemotherapy? i think that is going to change in the next five years based on some of this information, based on some new research. >> the new finding may also open the door to new treatments. the research is also offering hints that one type of breast cancer may be vulnerable to drugs that already work with ovarian cancer. doctors are hoping that understanding genetically how each cancer can kill, the information may be used to help women prevent breast cancer. but they caution early detection is still critical, which is why
6:31 pm
debbie, whose sister died of breast cancer, is getting her first mammogram in years. >> once they catch it early, they can do something about it. >> reporter: now thanks to a better understanding of the enemy, women may have more effective treatment weapons. kaiser is already using some genetic information to help personalize breast cancer treatments. this new report from the cancer genum at las may help doctors offer more targeted approaches. marian fabro nbc bay area news. those scanners at airports may be getting a remake. they could see the second generation of these machines. last week the tsa reportedly selected two contractors as part of a $45 million program. the tsa says they're looking for faster machines with better
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capabilities. all new machines will rely on a generic outline of the traveler rather than a revealing image of the person. the old one raised health concerns and privacy concerns. hayward officers said someone shot someone inside the dirty bird bar at 1:00 in the morning. police caught a suspect soon after and pulled him over. when they made an attempt to talk to the driver, the suspect allegedly threatened them. >> the suspect immediately threw his vehicle in reverse, coming directly at the officers. the officers recognized the use of deadly force against them, and they were forced to shoot the suspect in order to stop his actions. >> none of the officers were injured, and they are now on routine administrative leave. meanwhile, the person shot at the bar is expected to be okay. the chp shut down a portion of 680 for nearly three hours early this morning after several cars hit and killed a man who was on the freeway. it happened in the southbound
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lanes of 680 near the stone ridge drive exit at 3:30 in the morning. chp investigators still trying to figure out why the man was walking on the freeway in front of traffic. they say there was no vehicle on the side of the road that could have belonged to the victim. the accident caused major delays during the traffic early commute. bay area domestic workers boarded early morning buses today not for their jobs, but for a protest. the buses took them from oakland and san francisco to the steps of the state capitol. at the state capitol, they rallied and waved signed post cards from reporters. the goal is to convince governor brown to sign the domestic workers bill of rights. it would expand overtime pay and demand meal and rest breaks. while existing state laws regulate wages, hours and working conditions for household employees, those hired as personal attendants for children or disabled adults are exempt. >> not all domestic workers are covered under some basic things like meal and rest breaks and overtime pay.
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this erases that exclusion and makes it so that all domestic workers regardless if you're feeding homes or caring for the elderly or caring for people's children, they are able to also be protected. >> governor brown now has ten days remaining to sign this legislation. decision 2012, the rates for the white house switched today to foreign policy. president obama is about to address the united nations focusing on the weigh of anti-american violence that he called a bump in the road. mitt romney argued it's no bump but a crisis that could have been managed better. nbc steve handelsman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president obama headed to new york with critics asailing his priorities. he'll make another candidate appearance instead of meeting one on one with world leaders. no meetings scheduled with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who angered democrats
6:35 pm
by publicly demanding a tougher obama stance on iran. on "60 minutes," the president seemed to dismiss netanyahu has noise. >> any pressure that i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people. and i am going to block out any noise that's out there. >> reporter: the white house claimed what the president meant was -- >> his objective is to take every step possible to enhance his real security. >> reporter: mr. obama had downplayed anti-american rioting. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road. >> reporter: but after benghazi, the u.s. ambassador to libya assassinated, three more americans murdered, with egypt run by islamists, syria out of control, mitt romney campaigning in colorado blames barack obama. >> these are not bumps in the road, these are human lives. these are developments we do not want to see. this is time for a president who will shape events in the middle
6:36 pm
east. >> reporter: in our presidential election, romney is trailing in colorado. and in ohio, a must-win state for him where he campaigns tomorrow. >> look, we're going to win. there's no question in my mind. we're going to win. >> reporter: six weeks to go. one reason president obama is limiting diplomatic time at the u.n. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. iran's president had harsh words for israel and the united states during his address to the united nations today in new york. ahmadinejad accused the united states of shielding a fake regime, meaning israel. in reference to the anti-islam video produced in the u.s., he also said islam other countries misuse the middle east. he denies iran is supplying weapons to the government of syria, claiming iran is neutral and syria is civil war.
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a recall involving peanut butter. kari walsh reveals why her big win at the london olympics was a little bit special. coming up, we go one on one with this guy, the founder of twitter, who wants you to help him become a movie director. and good evening. i'm jeff peneiri. if you're looking ahead to the giants game, we're expecting a little cooler weather. we'll have that forecast in a few.
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trader joe's is now
6:40 pm
recalling more of its peanut bur butters after being linked to salmonella in 18 states. the valencia peanut butter sold in 16 stores had been removed from trader joe's stores. the maker of joe's brands have removed the crunchy, smooth and salted. they also removed the organic of crunchy, smooth and salted. it's not clear if anyone was sickened in california, but if you bought any of those peanut butters, you can return it for a full refund. the company that makes these also distributes peanut butter under the name of archer's which is sold so target and that has also been recalled. this time next year there may be a bacon shortage. a worldwide shortage of pork and bacon is now unavoidable. the recent drought is mostly to blame. less corn and soybeans means less feed for the herds of pigs.
6:41 pm
farmers had to cut down on their herds because it's just too expensive to feed them. so change your breakfast approach if you need to. >> they can't do that to bacon. >> it's been a difficult year in the midwest with the drought. >> it has. we're talking about one that's been so bad in decades. not getting better there in terms of rainfall. a dry picture for us. you can see the fog rolling into san francisco, and we'll tell you what that means for our forecast, coming up in just a few. i'm dave feldman in the comcast bay area newsroom. the day after yesterday's ugly loss to minnesota. plus a showdown in the lone star state between the top two teams in the al west. they start a huge series with first place texas. that's coming up next.
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more than 3.5 million discover card holders will be getting a refund. discover was ordered to pay out $200 million for defective advertising. they led customers to thinking that things like credit card score tracking were free. those reimbursed were tracked from 2007 to 2011. the company was also fined $14
6:44 pm
million. he helped bring us twitter and now he's going hollywood. the silicon valley has a hitter going to the tunes now. scott budman sat down to talk about the creator of twitter. >> who was that person that camera was aiming at? there was a movie in the works here, but this is no actor, it's twitter co-founder biz stone. and biz, it turns out, is going into the movie biz. >> do you want to direct a film with ron howard? yeah. >> stone says he'll get his inspiration from tweets, asking people to send in photos with the hash tag inspire biz. as for ron howard -- >> i'd like to welcome you to project imagination. >> reporter: -- stone says he was an early inspiration. >> early on when we were starting twitter and we got attention really early, i said, twitter is like a child actor
6:45 pm
that's got all this attention really early and has every chance of growing up to be a troubled adult. what we want to be is like ron howard. we want to be a child actor that grows up to be a successful, stable, you know, film director. >> reporter: so amid all the flashbulbs, stone is getting set to direct getting social from hollywood. >> also starting his career early on as a graphic designer was perfect because he's artistic but he's also innovative in what he does with technology and business and how he connects with people. >> reporter: and expecting a lot of tweets in return. >> and sit back and have everyone tell me, you're great. all right, i'm great. thank you. >> reporter: in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> get into biz with biz. >> yes. let's get to the weather biz. >> let's do that, shall we? we have a little bit of fog building off the coastline right now. it was a gorgeous day for the interior valleys. numbers up in the mid-80s. 85 for your daytime high, 80 in
6:46 pm
the ohio valley and cool by the coastline with 68 in san francisco. let's get a look right now. the marine layer in the fog is slowly starting to diminish in the north bay but it hasn't packed a lot in the peninsula tonight, even some fog rolling into san francisco helping to cool those numbers down and not so bad in the south bay with 73 currently in san jose. let's take you outside live to that hd camera network, and we're looking at some haze in the san fernando santa clara valley. we do have some fog we're tracking. it gets better and better on a night like tonight as that fog continues to roll on in. that fog is very compressed. we have high pressure rolling off and that will keep us with a relatively warmer picture this week. let's take a look at the next 48 hours. after a system last week with slightly cooler air, even a little bit of rainfall, that's way off to the east. here comes high pressure, and the thing with this, it's not going to move over california. it's going to stay farther offshore, so even though it has
6:47 pm
plenty of hot air with it, we're going to stay here in tuesday's and wednesday's forecast. a little seasonably warm here. cool here in the interior valley anywhere from 70s to the bay and also some 80s. by wednesday, here's the thing. temperatures will start to go up even a little bit hotter, so if you didn't get enough of summer the past couple months, it looks like there will be something for you in that seven-day forecast. we'll start at 7:00 a.m., some low clouds on the coastline, then some widespread sunshine as we head throughout your tuesday sunshine for most of the bay area. mid-60s, 52 in redwood city, then as we take a look at your tuesday, temperatures will be in the low 80s down into san jose. 85 in morgan hill, 85 evergreen, even a comfortable day in santa cruz expecting 72. for those of you back in the tri valley, we'll have 85 in walnut
6:48 pm
creek, 77 in the caster valley and 77 in livermore. some fog hanging on the coastline. 82 in sonoma, 72 in napa and 80 in santa rosa. temperatures stay in the mid to upper 80s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so you may be asking yourself, is it going to get hotter? we do have some hotter weather coming your way. as we look to the upcoming saturday and sunday, we get the first week of fall with us, and here we go. temperatures back on a climb, but it's all just a sign of mother nature trying to moderate this pattern and figure out what's going on. in the next 7 to 14 days, there is an indication that the storm track could move more to the south which could yield us a little bit of rainfall. it's something we're tracking back in the weather office, because the first raindrops when they get here will be big news. >> beach time and raindrops all in one. >> a little bit of both. >> she said she was a bit moody
6:49 pm
and didn't know why. now she knows. olympic superstar kari walsh jennings said during the london olympics she was pregnant. she announced she was pregnant on the "today" show this morning. she was already five weeks pregnant when she was diving in the sand earning a gold medal. she felt a little different when she arrived in the states and then discovered she was expecting. >> i thought it could have been the stress of the games, and travel kind of throws your schedule off a little bit, but no, i knew. at some point you're late and then you start feeling something, and i definitely started feeling something in london. >> that flat stomach? really? >> i know, and those little bikinis there. the happy couple already have two young boys, and this feeling, they think it will be a girl for baby number 3. walsh-jennings is due next april.
6:50 pm
dave is here. >> haven't seen you in a while. >> good. whats up tonight? >> we're starting with a huge win over the bronx on sunday, with a first place of four with the rangers in arlington. josh hamilton back after missing five games with an eye injury. dan stralie on the mound for oakland. bottom of the first, man on first and it's hamilton on the play but he grounds out weakly to short. now in the top of the 2nd, josh donaldson gets a play, and donaldson with a two-run home run. a's up 2-0. right now it's 3-1 a's in the top of the 5th. good news for raiders wide receiver darius hayward day. he is back home after being released from the edwards center this morning.
6:51 pm
heyward-bay suffered a concussion and neck strain in yesterday's game. dennis allen spoke about the situation earlier this afternoon. >> i think the concussion is obviously the bigger issue than anything else right now. i mean, i think he's the guy we're going to have to continue to evaluate and see where he's at, but we were all pleased to see that it wasn't anything severe as far as, you know, a neck injury or anything like that. >> raider fans have even more to smile about. the silver and black finally have one in the win column following yesterday's second field goal to beat the steelers. the coach thinks the win will do wonder for the raiders' confidence. >> when you see them battling out there, it didn't always go our way, but i think we came up with crucial plays when we needed them the most. in the fourth quarter, i thought
6:52 pm
we played some of our best football in terms of getting turnovers. >> 49ers are now licking their wounds in ohio following sunday's 20-13 loss to the vikings in minnesota. they will spend a week in youngstown as they prepare for a second road game next week with the new york jets. wendy balkman has more on next week. >> i sense this from people who live in a mythical, fantasy world that just expected that game would be a win. it doesn't work that way. >> reporter: true, they did have a part in handing the 49ers the worst game of the season, but the fact is the 49ers played their worst game under jim harbaugh. it produced two punts, two fumbles and an interception while the vikings ran a whopping 76 plays against the san diego defense. >> we didn't play up to our
6:53 pm
standards, and we know that, so we have to go back to the drawing board, get things corrected and come back next week. >> i know they're going to have a lot of pride and we just haven't gotten into a rhythm, unfortunately. >> they lose their focus. i know sometimes the guys can get a little relaxed, including myself. >> reporter: the week the 49ers will spend together in ohio will be less about team bonding and more about correcting their mistak mistakes. >> we didn't play our best. we'll look at the ways to go to work and fix that. >> reporter: it looks like linebacker patrick willis and tackle will be the main players for the jets. harbaugh said the injured ankle and knee turned out well for both. >> mind y, thanks, and we'll hae
6:54 pm
full a's reports at 11:00. >> so all week the a's will be in youngstown. what will they do with themselves? >> they'll do some things. jim harbaugh will take them on some history stuff because he's a history buff. his old man is a history buff. last year they weren't coming off a loss, and they did it last year. we'll see what happens, hopefully they'll rebound off the jets. but youngstown, their home away from home. >> thanks, jeff. appreciate it. >> we'll be right back.
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green bay is performiday is their performance after the lead singer went to rehab. yes, singer billy joe armstrong had a tantrum smashing his guitar and screaming expletives after the performing time was cut short. he issued an apology and said he was headed to rehab. green day is up tomorrow. it's the first of a trilogy that comes out in january. find out what led general colin powell to honor this boy with the medal of kucourage comg up at 11:00.
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